About My Journey.

The heart of me:
It was only through yoga that I was able to regain the emotional strength to pick up the pieces, re-affirm my inner strength and move forward with my life in a positive and life-affirming way. As my instructor had observed, I was on my mat, as I was in my life: broken and afraid.

Given the opportunity to reflect and renew my personal strengths, I decided to leverage my power by wearing a superhero cape as an anchor for visibility and impact.

I’m now using my superpower to make yoga more inviting to all people, irrespective of race, age, body type, or cultural background.

I am a registered yoga instructor and have taught around the world at the Adidas Women’s Studio, Lululemon, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Soho House Clubs, Ritz Carlton Properties, City of Refuge Womens’ Shelter, and several corporate conferences. With each class, I aim to offer a challenge and sense of studentship that helps my students find the best in themselves.

I approach every class with natural energy, using my vast experience in both yoga and mentorship to help others forge a deep connection with their practice, using yoga to unlock their truest sense of self. My experience, training, and superpower will continue to allow me to connect with “all people” through the sol…of yoga. .

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